World-class service delivery in Bay of Plenty


With 30+ years of road marking business on the motorways and roads around London you get a pretty good understanding of different road surfaces, preparation techniques and the science of wear-resistant paint and how to apply it. What do you do with all that expertise and knowledge? Why, you export your talent to the fifth largest ‘city’ in New Zealand and bring equipment with you!

Alan Chainey has been in Tauranga for only three years but already he has ensconced himself into city not only supporting local Bay of Plenty companies but working with the TCC to highlight the disabled carparks in an inviting blue colour. If you see these changes around town, Alan was probably there just before you.

Tauranga Waldorf School carpark and road safety

Bless his socks, when a friend and parent from the Tauranga Waldorf School asked him if he had any white paint left over to mark out a few faded carparks at the school, in less time than it takes to run through a typical approval process, Alan had not only repainted the parking lines but undertaken a whole heap of work to highlight risky carparks from safe ones, and laid out a drop-off zone for parents to drop-off and pick-up children in safety.

Louise Gawn, Property Manager at the school said, “We were always prepared to have the work completed, but finding someone with the expertise to develop the right plan, let alone execute that plan, left us wanting and waiting until Alan appeared on the scene. We are very grateful for Alan’s generous spirit and we were most pleased to contribute for the extra work completed beyond his donation.”

Long-time community supporter

You may have noticed that Alan has been a long-time supporter of this community magazine, quietly placing his advertisement underneath the index on the inside back cover (p.47). If you need car park marking or safety zones marked out, get Alan to draw up a plan. He is even certified to work on petrochemical sites. Tauranga, we really have scored – it’s like finding a good builder!

If I am not mistaken, Alan just sprayed his toe blue, during painting the disabled carparks at the Masonic Car Park in Willow Street, Tauranga.