Why not meditate?

picture of a woman sitting on a rock meditating

Many people are curious about mediation but wonder if it is suitable for them. The good news is that anyone can meditate!

In fact, meditation benefits everyone because it is training our mind in happiness. To start to appreciate the benefits of meditation we need to understand that happiness and problems are feelings within our mind.

For example, if we do something nice for someone we feel happy because we experience pleasant feelings.

Similarly, when we encounter people or situations we don’t like, we experience unpleasant feelings. If we check carefully we will see that a situation only becomes a problem when we react with unpleasant feelings.

Meditation is learning to control and familiarise our mind with positive thoughts that increase our experiences of inner peace and happiness.

At the same time, it also trains our mind to avoid negative thinking that causes us to experience painful feelings, our “problems”.

By meditating on the breath we can calm the mind by reducing distractions, from this peaceful mind we are then ready to meditate on special lines of reasoning that cause us to develop positive or virtuous states of mind.

We should remember these virtuous states of mind through the day as they will protect us from negativity and suffering.

If you are interested in Buddhism or meditation, you are welcome to attend a weekly drop-in class at Greerton Library (every Thursday at 7 pm).

Classes cost $15 per person, all proceeds go to spreading Buddhist teachings. Everyone is welcome! www.meditateintauranga.org

By Mathew Stewart

“I write for this magazine to help people find pure lasting happiness.”