Transforming Internet Coverage in the Eastern Bay of Plenty

Transforming internet coverage

Bay Waka wanted to talk with Evolution Networks Director, Mark Simpson about why he felt their offerings in the Eastern Bay of Plenty were vital to the development of a reliable internet infrastructure in the region.

Sulphur lurking underground has been a headache for Kawerau internet users for years. The old copper wire network is literally crumbling, leaving residents and businesses with poor internet coverage until now.

Evolution Networks, a locally based internet service provider has installed a number of towers to boost high-speed internet coverage to over 80% in Kawerau. “You had a situation where every time it rained heavily in Kawerau, people would lose their internet connection”, says Mark Simpson of Evolution Networks. “We’ve worked with the council to significantly improve wireless coverage to the town, and we’re making further investments in towers to increase coverage further.” Evolution Networks are particularly excited about the potential of fibre services for Kawerau.

“Any customer in Kawerau who signs up with us now, will automatically get switched over to fibre free of charge when it launches.”

It’s a similar story across the Eastern Bay of Plenty. Evolution Networks has big plans to transform Internet coverage across the region. “Right now, we are negotiating to install another 26 towers across the Bay to significantly lift internet coverage rates”, Mark explains, “For Eastern Bay businesses and communities to thrive, they have to be connected. Technology is rapidly changing industries like horticulture and farming for example.

A farmer can now monitor soil temperatures, and weather conditions with internet enabled technology, but you can’t if coverage isn’t reliable.” Talking to the team it’s clear they are driven by a focus to deliver internet for the whole community. The installation of community Wi-Fi hotspots in Edgecumbe and Kawerau demonstrate this.

Mark explains, “A new hotspot for Kawerau covers the Scout Club and Firmin Park. Not only will the community be able to connect, but organisers of and participants in events like the King of The Mountain, and slalom kayaking on the river can access reliable internet services too. That’s a great community benefit.”

By Mark Simpson, Evolution Networks

“I agreed to this interview because the Bay Waka’s community service and stories align with ours.”