Stray Dogs Captured by Council


Animal services officers from the Western Bay of Plenty District Council have captured a pack of roaming dogs that has allegedly been responsible for several attacks on chickens and ducks in Te Puna over recent weeks.

Five dogs have been impounded this morning thanks to a resident who called Council when seeing the dogs in the Te Puna area.

Council’s Animal Services Team Leader Daniel Barnes would like to thank the public for being proactive in helping to catch the dogs.

“We received a call early this morning with information of a sighting of a pack of dogs matching the description of a pack we have been looking for. Our team responded to this sighting and within a couple of hours the five dogs were caught.

“The dogs have been impounded and an investigation has begun. The dogs will not be released until the investigation is complete. Without the locals help we would not have been able to catch them.”

The dog owners are being cooperative with the investigation.

In the last 12 months animal officers have responded to 21 incidents related to a pack of roaming dogs. As a result of this morning’s capture it is hoped that all 21 incidents have been resolved.

If you are concerned about any animals in the Western Bay area please contact Council immediately on 0800 926 732 or 571-8008; email information/photos/videos to