Salutations From Ellie The Cow At Walnut Tree Farm

Ellie the cow

I once heard a spider say “salutations” and some pig seemed to like it, and it kinda took off from there amongst the farm yard set).

The girls and I are enjoying the spring sunshine; it means the grass is starting to grow again, much to the farmer’s relief.

Winter milking is an art form in itself, and the challenge of running on a grass-based system on our tiny farm, means we girls have a limited supply of milk to share through winter.

We are grateful to our customers who support the farm so wholeheartedly, through buying our products and taking the time to smile and give lots of encouragement to the farmers.

Farmers thrive best on encouragement I’ve noticed in my time of looking after them. The Farmers have been working hard on extending the vegetable garden and are now pleased to say that the fridge is full of Walnut Tree farm home-grown goodies!

The Farmers grow veges using organic fertilisers and practices. It’s a bit like having a ‘farmers market’ available 7 days.

They also had to build a cute little fence to protect the garden because the new bull, “young Hank”, kept jumping the yard and taking a nip at the kale; must be a millennial.

By Ellie the Jersey Cow

“I write for this magazine because its full of heart for this comooo-nity.”