Expect your Real Estate Experience to Sharpen Up

Hayden Duncan Property

New entrant in the property market makes quick impact.

With Tremains Real Estate entering the Bay of Plenty real estate market in November last year it has shaken up a market which hasn’t really seen change from a new significant competitor in many years. 

“This has to be great for the home buyers and sellers, tenants and Landlords in the area as competition creates a focus to those companies that have become complacent and the consumers and real estate professionals ultimately win, which must be a good thing,” says Hayden Duncan, CEO of Tremains Group.

As we have launched Tremains into the Bay of Plenty, we have had the unique opportunity to review everything we do. Although the company has been successful in the Hawkes Bay for nearly 50 years, it was an opportunity to determine if there is a better way of doing things, with the client and customer at the centre of all our decisions. 

We believe the outcome is one that sellers and buyers will realise when they work with our sales people and property management team. 

As one example: when a seller lists with us, they have access to every buyer in the market as we are happy to work with every other sales person from other firms if they have a buyer who is interested in one of our properties and remunerate them accordingly.

Collaborative Network of Experts

It’s about finding the best buyer in the market not necessarily the best one we can find as a company. 

Therefore, a listing with Tremains means every agent from any firm will be considering who they know who might want to buy your property and ultimately it gets more buyers through your property and we believe that leads to better results. 

It may come as a surprise to many home sellers that not all firms work that way already. It’s worth checking with your agent prior to appointing them to sell your house if they work with all buyers or just the ones they can find. Our client is the person we work for, and we will get the best outcome for them regardless of financial impact on our business. We think, that’s just good business. 

Tremains approach seems to have been an approach that the market place has been attracted to, since the business launched in November last year, there are now ten locations with a team of over 125 in the Bay of Plenty to look after your real estate needs.  

Quality Leadership

Prior to taking on this opportunity Hayden was CEO of New Zealand’s largest real estate company and was responsible for the launch of that brand into the Canadian market. 

His credentials are reflective of the quality of the leadership team at Tremains. Others include ex CEO of Realestate.co.nz, Brendon Skipper, Richard Laery previous CEO of NAI Harcourts International.  Along with the mix of local leaders such as Anton Jones, Neville Falconer, Debbie Brett, Miriam Burquest-Staite and Brent Bastin, the business has the experience, track record and know how to assist buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants we believe better than any other. 

He says the choice to get involved with Tremains crystallised over breakfast with Simon Tremain last year when Simon reflected that no great companies succeed in the New Zealand regions without doing an exceptional job and supporting their communities.  

“He commented that Tremains had been around for 48 years and knew they had to be good people, good citizens and had to be known to be good at what they did to hold market share and to grow into new markets.  

“That resonated with me.”

Tremains Group operates Colliers Rural, Sothebys International Realty, and Tremains Real Estate across the Hawkes Bay, Bay of Plenty, Waikato and Wairarapa.