Lifestyle changes can help prevent cancer

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Almost everyone in NZ has either suffered from Cancer or known someone who is close to them suffer from cancer. However, few realise almost half of cancers are preventable.

Risky Behaviour

You may know smoking causes cancer. Did you also know obesity, alcohol, inadequate vegetables and fruit, lack of dietary fibre and physical inactivity also increase risk of cancer?  By making changes you may prevent yourself or your loved ones getting cancer!

Making Changes is not always easy!

The desire to improve your health sometimes is not enough. All of us need help sometimes.

Perhaps you feel you have to make so many changes its hard to know when to start.

What can I eat?

Our Naturopaths Jaine, Serina and Vanessa personalise your diet so it works for you, and is “do-able”.

Are there Herbs for Willpower?

A stressed nervous system, and gut can make you feel like you have no will power. By supporting your body with herbs and nutrients we can help you stay on track.

Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT Practitioner Chatelle shows you how to use tapping to release mental blocks, limitations and disempowering beliefs, to help you make the changes you want.

Call us today; help us help you build great health naturally.

By Jaine Kirtley, Bay Naturopath – Bay Health Clinic

I write for this magazine because it’s a great way to help a whole community communicate to become happier and healthier.

Note, previous issue 9 article (pg. 37) about friendly bacteria: A subheading was added to the article “Probiotics are Natures Antibiotics”. This is not in fact the case, although Probiotics do boost Immunity. Many herbal medicines we recommend are more accurately “natures antibiotics”.