Introducing A People’s History of the Bay of Plenty – Sunday 15th April – ARCHIVE ONLY

The cover of a book entitled A People’s History of the Bay of Plenty 

Tauranga Writers is introducing A People’s History of the Bay of Plenty to its contributors and others

Sunday 15th April 2018 2-4pm at Greerton Library.

You are warmly invited to attend.

This is the result of one of our projects last year when we were celebrating our 50th anniversary. During the Black & White & Read All Over exhibition, we invited members of the public to take part in an experiment. We wanted to encourage The Guinness Book of Records to consider adding a new category, ‘most contributors to a single book.’

This didn’t happen, but we had such a great response that we went ahead and put the book together anyway. It is now available directly from Tauranga Writers as above, and will also be available from Amazon as both a print copy or as an eBook. Come and find out for yourself what a fine thing we ended up with!

We’ll also have copies of Byline 2017 ready for Tauranga Writers and their readers who’d like to own a copy of this showcase of talents. Byline is an annual publication and its publication was delayed by the demands of our year-long programme of events, the work that needed to go into A People’s History of the Bay of Plenty and the annual summer shut-down.

We’re extremely proud of both publications and would especially like to thank the great number of Bay of Plenty residents who took the time and trouble to share a memory of our city, our region, our present and our past. We’re grateful for your input and your names are on the cover designed by Kaye Lister.

Contact us at or text 028 406 32 40 for further information. Please let us know if you attend on Sunday 15th April so we can ensure we have enough chocolate biscuits to go round. And if you’re a writer in either publication, you’d like a copy now, and you haven’t pre-paid, please don’t leave your purse or wallet at home…