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Tom and Egg Tarts

When I joined the Tauranga Waldorf School Playgroup with my two small preschoolers, I loved the morning teas.  Fresh fruit and warm homemade bread topped with nut butter or homemade jam!  So simple … yet tasty and nutritious.

Ten years on and I still love and marvel at the simple yet nutritious food that appears in our school lunchboxes, at shared morning teas and even at birthday parties.

Healthy and homemade food nurtures our children, our families and our community on so many levels and inspired a thought that we could share some of these recipes with our wider community. And from this thought came the idea to create a series of homemade and healthy recipe books as a school fundraising activity.

Parents and teachers from our school have enthusiastically and generously opened their hearts and kitchens to gift, trial and prepare their treasured recipes … so that you, our wider community may share these homemade and healthy recipes.

The theme of the first volume is ‘healthy lunchboxes and shared morning teas’

The cost of this beautiful book is just $25. All funds go towards school camps.

The recipe book is currently in production and due for release in early September 2018.   There are around forty recipes in this book.  Each recipe has been trialed, prepared and photographed.  Recipes are diverse and include both sweet and savoury offerings.  All of them are refined sugar-free and there are many that are gluten, or dairy free.

Recipes include a healthy jelly alternative made from the probiotic drink kombucha, a simple four ingredient no-knead bread, flourless gluten and dairy free chocolate muffins, lunchbox chocolate mousse made with healthy ingredients.




Pre-order today your limited edition

To pre-order your own book, please email healthyum@baywaka.nz or phone Rika, 027 416 6974.  

The cost of the book is just $25. All funds raised go towards school camps.

By Rika Milne


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