Hashtag Street Food: Street Food at its Finest

hashtag street food

So, a Swiss guy, a Filipino girl and a Japanese girl walk up to a food truck…no really, it’s no joke! 

Hashtag Street Food was created in 2017 by Claudy Schenk, Josephine Si Aceron and Natsumi Yamamoto. They all worked together at the ‘Elizabeth Café’; Claudy as a sous-chef, Natsumi as a head barista and Josephine as a pastry chef where the three friends, drawn together over their passion for food and hospitality decided to team up and branch out on their own. 

Since February 2018 they have been operating most days at the main beach Mt Maunganui, and covering all kind of events such as ‘We Run the Night’, ‘Little Big Market’, ‘Rotorua Night Market’, ‘Seriously Good Food Show’ and the ‘Art Festival’ at Bay Court.

Their philosophy is simple; organic and free range all the way! Being environmentally conscious, they use 100% biodegradable plates, coffee cups, serviettes, cold drink cups and paper straws and work with the local suppliers and to manage rubbish and recycling.

Recently, Hashtag Street Food moved to a beautiful new location, outside 6 Salisbury Ave (ex-police station) nearby Pilot Bay. All the food is freshly made to order and 100% hand-made (except the fries), and the coffees are fully organic and just awesome. So why not take the time to rock on over and visit the Hashtag Street Food van for super tasty meals, specialities include slow cooked pork belly (which is according to one local is so good, tears of joy spontaneously spring forth), or for the herbivores vegetarian pita made with handmade bread, hummus, shaved vege, avocado and balsamic dressing or why not try the delicious healthy, fresh smoothies or heavenly waffles?!

So much good food; lucky there is enough time to try it all! They’re a friendly trio, so stop in and say hi! You’ll like them too.