Goodwill & good intentions

Picture of Antoon Moonen standing at a beach

As I sit down to write this editorial, the very final act in the construction of this community conception, just as the first key is struck, I receive a phone call from a dear friend on the other side of the world. He informs me that he is diagnosed with cervical dystonia a rare and incurable neurological condition, and he is in immense unbearable pain and needed to share his news with someone.

This was a reminder to me of how lucky I am to be living here in beautiful Bay of Plenty. Do we really have anything to complain about? Are we a complainer, or are we equanimous and content within our ample surroundings? Although… while still striving to make things better when we find opportunity!

With the phone call still in my head, I flick through the final pages of this magazine and it is heart-warming to follow the trail of positive energy and goodwill throughout.

Every single page introduces a local person or team of people who brought this content forward for all of us to experience. There is nothing accidental in this magazine. It is a gift of pure ‘goodwill and good intentions’ from our community, for our community, and by our community.

We’ve grown up a lot in three years together as we arrive here to publish our 13th issue and 5x the circulation we started with, now 47,000. What’s the plan from here?

We simply want to maintain the quality of our magazine community content and reach city-wide distribution to include the final suburbs between Bethlehem and Matua that are not yet receiving the quarterly home deliveries. To achieve this, in 2019 we’ll need to take another leap of faith and increase the page count from 56 to 64. This will enable us to cover the increased circulation and distribution costs, while also expanding the editorial scoops from these suburbs as well!

So, once again, please support the advertisers who helped put this magazine in your hands, or even just reference their advert. Together we can continue to develop this fantastic “sense of belonging in our community”.