Charlie’s Lucky Escape


There have been four recent instances of cats being attacked by two or three roaming dogs in the Maungatapu area.

The attacks happened in the middle of the night or at 5am on Maungatapu Road properties within a few hundred meters of each other. Three of the cats sadly died soon after being
attacked, the other made a full recovery.

Charlie had many bite marks and his leg was wrenched with enough force to pull the hip out of its socket. Thankfully, a neighbour had interrupted the very noisy attack before more fatal damage could occur. Charlies hip was put back in place and he made a full recovery, though he was very weak for a few days.

If anyone knows of roaming dogs, they should contact the Tauranga City Council when they are seen.

It’s important to remember that these dogs could potentially pose a risk to people as well. Not all roaming dogs, of course, are out to maim and kill and the Council will always make every effort to ensure the best possible outcome for dogs and owners.

Be cautious of any dog involved in a fight or during attack and definitely don’t reach in with your hands to try and break it up; We see a lot of pet owners injured doing just that. As in Charlie’s case, a sudden very loud YELL may be sufficient to stop the attack.

Often, when an owner and pet have been injured, they will choose to take their pet for veterinary attention before they take themselves for medical attention; even if their injuries are worse than the dog or cat! Interesting how people will frequently put their pet before themselves!

-By the Welcome Bay Vet Team