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Thursday, February 21, 2019
Paul Ensor at the controls of his plane flying over Tauranga coastline

For The Love Of Flying

As a Tauranga local, my love for machinery and particularly aeroplanes began as a young lad when I would frequently ask to go to...
poster for Waldorf school fair

Waldorf School Fair! – Sunday 11 November

Handmade crafts and artisan stalls Line-up of delicious gourmet cuisines, live music & entertainment, fun array of activities, handmade crafts and artisan stalls perfect for...
Poster for Treasured Art Auction 2018

Treasured Art Auction 2018 – Saturday 10 November – (Archive only)

Run by the Tauranga Sunrise Rotary Club, Treasured Art – the annual art auction and exhibition - is this year proudly supported by Event...
poster for the 2018 Melbourne cup race

Melbourne Cup Charity Auction – Tuesday, 6 November 2018

When: Tuesday, 6 November 2018, 12:30 pm - 6:00 pm Where: ASB Stadium Lounge What: 2018 Melbourne Cup - Charity Auction & Long Lunch Join us! For an afternoon of fun and entertainment,...
a close up shot of a woman in a crowd circa 1950's or 1960'svideo

History – ‘Tauranga – Bay of Plenty’

If anyone knows the year of this documentary please comment below!
Picture of a recipe for brownies from the Tauranga Waldorf School cookbook

Homemade and Healthy – recipe book to nourish the body and soul

Fundraising with a difference! Home grown, from a small school community right here in the Bay... When I joined the Tauranga Waldorf School Playgroup with my...
three people sitting in a row playing three different games of chess

Our community Chess clubs are places to be!

The Mount Maunganui RSA and complimentary Tauranga RSA Chess Clubs are the places to be when it comes to a 'friendly game of chess'. The...
Dr. Leonard Coldwell cancer expertvideo

OPINION: Every Cancer Can be Cured in Weeks explains Dr. Leonard Coldwell

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DgbdNNfotwM&feature=related The idea that cancer needs an acidic environment in which to survive is not new. In simple terms Dr. Leonard Coldwell, explains about the idea...
Tech-free schools for children of Silicon Valley. The Waldorf School of the Peninsula is small, exclusive and packed with the children of Silicon Valley executives who love the role that technology plays in the pupils’ education there. That is, it plays no role whatsoever. Instead children at the US$25,000-a-year elementary school in Los Altos, California, are learning to explore the world through physical experiences and tasks that are designed to nurture their imagination, problem-solving ability and collaborative skills.

Why do Tech Elites stop their own kids using cellphones?

Emergency Management and Community Resilience Advisor, Theo Ursum

Wanted – community civil defence champions

Champions to help in a crisis are the pieces of gold being sought in Western Bay communities by newly appointed Emergency Management and Community...

Latest article

Picture of Council member Fiona McTavish

Relief in Sight for Tauranga Bus Network with New School Service

Bay of Plenty Regional Council is exploring alternative school bus options to help make the Tauranga Urban bus service more reliable.
16th avenue theatre

Matinees on Sundays: 31st March and 7th April

Work, love and life are just one long, hard slog for the fish-filleting foursome Pearl, Jan, Shelley and Linda.
what is real love

What is Real Love?

Many of us believe love is a feeling of infatuation we get for someone we are attracted to, but what about the...
Bee sting

A Christmas Working Bee

Christmas day was a busy buzzy day at this clinic. Five dogs were seen that day and every single case was because...

Pain? Tension? Soreness? Headaches?

When the body is moving and functioning well, life can be productive. An integral part of that functionality is the nerves in...

Local Felters Fighting Fit for National Competition

A small group from Tauranga Creative Fibre have entered a National Creative Fibre Festival Competition, one of 13 teams nationally.
Eleanor Bodge Eldernet

Eldernet – NZ’s leading Online Knowledge Base for Older Adults

Bay Waka first met with Eleanor Bodger at the Tauranga Successful Aging Symposium hosted by SUPA NZ in October 2018. 
Surf Club

Surf Club Names Boat After Sports Official

Tauranga resident and Omanu Beach Surf Club member Bruce Matheson has been around surf boats for many years having started in...
Happy Puku

The Happy Puku is Much More than Good Kai

The Happy Puku as a concept came about when Te Tuinga Trust realised that to be a self-sustaining not for profit organisation...
hashtag street food

Hashtag Street Food: Street Food at its Finest

So, a Swiss guy, a Filipino girl and a Japanese girl walk up to a food truck…no really, it’s no joke! 
Lemon Tart

Lemon Tart – Creamy, zesty-Sweet and Rich

Kia Ora everyone! I must say what an amazing summer we've had. Absolutely marvellous. Now that everyone is back...

Zara McIndoe Principal, Otumoetai Primary School

He aha te mea nui o te ao? He tangata, he tangata, he tangata. What is...
jamie de la haye

Jamie de la Haye Principal, Welcome Bay Primary

Ma te huruhuru ka rere te manu Adorn the bird with feathers so that it can fly!
Tane Bennett

Tane Bennett – Principal, Maungatapu Primary School

I am honoured and humbled to be the new principal of Maungatapu school starting in 2019. I would...
Anisha at BaySwim

Anisha’s BaySwim Experience

I first started lessons at BaySwim with Anisha when she was 10-months old. At our first lesson the...

Water, water everywhere…

Cr. Paula Thompson Regional Councils are primarily responsible for the management of the region’s natural resources –...
Craig Nees

Tauranga Boxing Academy – The End Game is to Get Them into Work

In our Spring 2018 issue we wrote an article, “Turning Kids Lives Around Through Boxing”. “Bearing in mind, some...
Tod Muller

Grassroots Politics at its Finest

Where have the summer holidays gone? It’s almost as if you blink and miss it. While our community...

Regional Council all at Sea in its Dealings with NZ Bus

Bay Waka investigation – Monday, 11 February 2019, 10:00 PM Cr Thompson refers to bus service as a...
Candida albicans

Candida May Cause Memory Loss

 There are many different types of yeasts one called Candida albicans can cause mild or severe health problems. Candida...

Cyber Resilience

Kiwi businesses and individuals have long held the belief that “she’ll be right” and “it won’t happen to me”.

Running Your Business in the Cloud

We continue to see businesses moving to the cloud for more of their business processes. The cloud...
Barry Fredheim

The Relationship Between RV and the Market Value of a Property

One of the enduring features of discussions with property vendors is they want to talk about their RV, whereas my focus...
Neville Falconer

Changing Chairs

For co-owner of L.J Hooker BOP, Neville Falconer, entertaining an approach from Tremains was a big call. He says every business comes...
Hayden Duncan Property

Expect your Real Estate Experience to Sharpen Up

New entrant in the property market makes quick impact. With Tremains Real Estate entering the Bay of...
Anton Jones Tremains Property

Innovation Is What Tauranga People Will See

Anton Jones is well-known locally within real estate. An Otumoetai College old boy, Anton trained in valuation and property management before heading...
pest-free te puna

Pest Free Te Puna kicks off

Te Puna is launching a rodent attack next month to start the ambitious goal of a pest-free Te Puna.
Business goals

A Pinch of Reality to Go With Your New Year’s Resolution

At the start of a new year many business owners dust off the business plan and rethink their priorities for the year. Whether you call it your new year’s resolution or setting a new plan for the year, it’s tempting to believe that a new year is like a blank page where anything becomes possible and all you need to do is write, say or think the magic words.
The Tauranga Mobile Library delivers library services to the City of Tauranga, 6 days a week.

The Mobile Library Bringing Books to the ‘Burbs’ and Beyond

The Tauranga Mobile Library delivers library services to the City of Tauranga, 6 days a week.
Assemble your K Valley biking crew

Assemble Your K Valley Biking Crew for 3rd March

Assemble your K Valley biking crew.
Tauranga City Council

Identify a Smart Team to Govern Tauranga 2019-2022

This city now more than ever before, demands a Council comprising a strong diverse team of individuals, dedicated to improving the whole of the City, not just its centre. For me the answer lies with us – the constituents – we are the ones who vote the Councillors in.

Matua Residents Now Receive Bay Waka

The residents of Matua welcome the opportunity to join the publication Bay Waka and share with the city the colourful history and stories of our suburb.
Technology for older friends

Technology of Today is Winning Older Friends

As Freemasons, we try to find useful and appreciated gifts for our Lodge widows each Christmas.
Environmental protection

Towers and Lines Over Our Harbour

Our dispute with Tauranga City Council and Bay of Plenty Regional Council with regard to their issuing of a Resource Consent to Transpower to erect super poles at either side of the Maungatapu bridge and sling 100,000 volt lines across the harbour at this location continues.

More Flooding! Would You Like a Tsunami With That?

Many ratepayers received notice from Tauranga City Council four months ago that their properties had changed and were now considered more likely to suffer the consequences of a once in 100-year rainfall event. This set off a trail of diminished valuations, insurance policy exclusions and concern.
Paora Stanley

‘Ardern Confiscations’ Set to Hurt Tauranga

Over the next few months I will write articles that are designed to give people of Tauranga background information about the collusion at the core of the highly questionable treaty deal with a group of very small iwi from Hauraki known as the Hauraki Collective.
Maungatapu Marae vs Transpower

High Voltage Lines in Urban Areas

In 1994, State Owned Enterprise Transpower became owner of the national grid, which connects power generating stations to local power companies throughout NZ. Transpower wanted to upgrade its existing high-voltage line which went through Maungatapu, across Tauranga harbour on a large pylon in the middle of the estuary, and on to the Matapihi sub-station to supply power to the Mount and Papamoa.

Crutches Amnesty Issued at Tauranga Hospital

Tauranga Hospital is running a crutches amnesty after spending $500 a week replacing those not returned by patients.
ngai te rangi iwi

Trouble Coming…

For the people of Ngāi Te Rangi Iwi, the largest of the three iwi in Tauranga, 2019 will be focused on killing-off the intrusion by a group of Hauraki iwi who are trying to push their way into Tauranga.
Island Air Charters

Island Air’s Pride & Joy – ‘Whisky Whisky Hotel’

Every aircraft engine is only permitted to fly for a given number of hours before it must be totally overhauled, remanufactured or replaced with a new one. This regulation is referred to as TBO or ‘Total Before Overhaul’. Island Air’s pride and joy is a six-seater Cessna U-206 G (ZKWWH) and its Continental engine was coming to the end of its TBO in 2018.