Bizobike Update


Bay Waka has been working with leading e-bike manufacturer Bizobike in Belgium to offer its readers a once only opportunity to purchase e-bikes which combine the great features at a very reasonable price.

Since this began, major component manufacturers have released some game-changing products at bike trade shows; Eurobike in Germany and InterBike in the States.

We have experienced the difference between low budget e-bikes and e-bikes manufactured with higher quality components. We have decided that the best value for money is not found in the cheapest e-bike on the market, but bikes which include features such as mid motors, hydraulic brakes, front and rear suspension, titanium fasteners (to prevent corrosion so often seen on cheap stainless steel), concealed batteries, iPhone charging, Nexus hub gears (to avoid chain problems), puncture-less tyres, and component brands and warranties which are supported in NZ.

Our offer to you will be at very competitive prices. To achieve this you will have to make an advance order together with a 25% deposit, and you will have to accept any cost fluctuation due to fluctuations in the NZD/USD exchange rate.

Unfortunately, we are still waiting for final pricing of the bikes we have specified, and will be placing orders on the factory in the first week of November.

If you have not already registered your interest, please send us your details by registering online at and we will provide you with full details of these bikes and their prices by reply.