5 Reasons To Do Business In Whakatane

Business in Whakatane

The Eastern Bay of Plenty is a great place to do business. Technology Support and Supply company Stratus Blue have set up base in Whakatane to further support local businesses by local people.

Bay Waka caught up with Stratus Blue to talk about their new office in Whakatane and why they wanted to expand their support into the wider Eastern Bay Community.

Opening an office in Whakatane in June this year, Stratus Blue saw this as a natural progression and a hugely beneficial development for local business.

Staunchly Bay of Plenty owned and operated, they manage and support IT needs for SMEs across the region.

“With our hands-on, family first culture, proactive solutions and local focus assures customers that they are in safe and familiar hands” says Tony Snow, Director and co-owner of Stratus Blue.

“Technology is a big part of any business these days and to have someone you can trust looking after these critical business systems, see them in the supermarket, on the sports field and around town is important for a future partner for your business,” he said.

“With IT consultants and support engineers on the ground living and working in the Eastern Bay of Plenty, and more staff with a variety of expertise and qualifications just an hour away in Tauranga, support and service is enhanced, and downtime is minimised”, explains Mr Snow.

The 5 reasons Stratus Blue chose to expand into the Eastern Bay of Plenty:

(i) It is rich in business opportunities, from professional services and primary industries to sustainable enterprises.

(ii) It has an entrepreneurial culture,

(iii) Great local people and

(iv) Good infrastructure in rail, road and air transportation services and finally

v) A strong environmental focus – not to mention the beaches and the east coast scenery is outstanding!

With the advent of cloud computing, the team at Stratus Blue saw the need for good technology service, advice, products and services for the business-to-business community, offering flexibility, mobility and risk minimisation solutions.

Stratus clouds are characterized by a horizontal layering with a uniform base and the team at Stratus Blue are uniform in their approach and the foundation of the business is built on over 100 years of collective experience in the technology world – layering their expertise to Reasons why to do business in Whakatanesupport Local Business across New Zealand and within the Bay of Plenty.

Stratus Blue are delighted to be providing the business owners of Whakatane, Opotiki, Kawerau, Edgecumbe, and surrounding districts with an enhanced range of services and IT support to ensure business continuity in a fast-paced and ever-changing technology world. Learn more about how Stratus Blue can assist your business in the region; from fast internet services, and business phone solutions.

For technology support and consultancy contact:

• www.stratusblue.co.nz

• assist@stratusblue.co.nz

• phone: 07 777 0010

• freephone: 0800 2 ASSIST